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HOA Talk Time is a lively, entertaining yet informative show centered around the strange happenings of the most dreaded aspects of living in an HOA. The hosts of the show Tab and Z, bring a unique perspective as entrepreneurs who dumped their mainstream jobs to start an HOA inspection company. This provides listeners exclusive insight into all aspects of the crazy world of HOAs. Show features include interviews with industry professionals, homeowner rants, and encounters from the day-in-the-life of an HOA inspector. Also, the show includes guests from all walks of life ranging from local business owners to NBA All Star.
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HOA Talk Time is a lively, entertaining yet informative show centered around the unique happenings and the most interesting aspects of living in an HOA. 

The hosts of the show Tab and Z, bring a unique perspective as entrepreneurs who dumped their mainstream jobs to start an HOA inspection company. This provides listeners exclusive insight into all aspects of the world of HOAs. 

Show features include interviews with industry professionals, insightful answers to homeowner HOA concerns, and encounters from the day-in-the-life of an HOA inspector.  Also, the show includes guests from other industries including entrepreneurs and small business owners who made life-changing decisions to pursue their unique passions.  


Want to be on the show?  We are looking for topic submissions to be discussed on air or have an opportunity to have a one on one conversation with the hosts. Click on the link and if selected, one of our producers will contact you. Thanks and good luck!

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May 18, 2016

This episode features the long overdue HOA Soundoff segment where this week Tab and Z sound off on a usual, an HOA board member and a property manager!  In this week's Ask Mister Condo segment, Bob discusses the "crappy situation" he had to deal with.  Finally, featured in the HOA Talk Time Fish Bowl is Boykin Jordan - cybersecurity consultant and president of Cyber Smart Pros, LLC. Also, somebody needs to explain to Z that nano technology does not exist!

Go to and ask him anything!

To find out more about Boykin Jordan, contact him at :

Boykin B. Jordan, Jr. - President

Cyber Smart Pros, LLC


Direct: 703-678-9053

Mobile: 202-302-6177



May 11, 2016

In this episode, Tab gets the final laugh as Z finally is on the receiving end of getting busted on.  Hear about the famous "OTFC Olympics and the "crash heard all across the world!!!"  The show also features regular guest Ask Mister Condo where they explore the top of electric car charging stations....feasible in condo associations or just too darn expensive!  

For more information about Ask Mister Condo, ask him yourself at:   

May 4, 2016

This episode features the new sound for HOA Talk Time. Looks like the guys finally got it right!  Z talks about his favorite pastime....the best kebob joints in town.  Also on the regular segment of Ask Mister Condo, find out if Bob really is going to try to be the new Dos Equis spokesman?!  Featured guest is Patrick Brookover, property manager with Gates Hudson of EastView Condos in Arlington VA.

For more information about Patrick Brookover and EastView at Ballston Metro call the office at: 703-528-8650 or email at:

Contact Ask Mister Condo at Tell them Tab and Z sent you!



Apr 27, 2016

Z has to apologize yet again for Tab sounding like he is broadcasting from the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.  Also, the guys play a clip of Chad Dukes from 106.7 The Fan giving Z an HOA Talk Time shout out!  The show also features a new recurring segment of Ask Mr. Condo featuring Bob Gourley.  Finally, Tab discusses an issue with his very own HOA community that hits close to home.  

Check out Ask Mr. Condo at   Tell 'em Tab and Z sent you! 

Apr 20, 2016

In this episode Z talks about playoffs, the Washington Capitals, the horrible Philly fan base, and him donating money to DC radio talk personality Chad Dukes of 106.7 the fan...for his beard-a-thon ! 

The show also features Fish Bowl guest Nick Beschen of Beschen's Handyman Service in Annapolis, MD.  This guest is not only an excellent contractor, but a homeowner of Whispering Woods..a community CIS HOA Experts not only recently inspected, but met up with at the most unlikely HOA board meeting!

Nick is the perfect "quadfecta" - a homeowner, a contractor, an HOA board meeting attendee, and supporter of HOA inspections in general!  Yeah!!!

For your handyman needs - both exterior and interior, contact Beschen's Handyman Service at: 410-279-5602   MHIC Licensed and Insured.

To donate to USA Warriors and the beard-a-thon for Chad Dukes with 106.7 The Fan, goto  



Apr 13, 2016

In this episode, Z offers a formal apology to the listeners on behalf of himself and HOA Talk Time! Tab goes on to list all the property managers that they actually do like.  Finally, they review a homeowner phone call which this go around shows the positive side of things.  All in all another day in the life of HOA inspections!   

Apr 6, 2016

In this week’s episode, Tab is having just one of those days and goes on a rant about a property manager.  Of course this fuels Z and he goes on his own property manager smack down as well.  Fortunately, these days are far and few in between and only applies to the select few!  Also, the show features HOA Talk Time Fish Bowl guest Terry Treadwell of Pothole Repair based out of Upper Marlboro MD.  Got a hole in your asphalt…well they are ready to fill it! 

For more information about Pothole Repair go to  or call 855-3-Pothole 

Mar 30, 2016

So what does Kirk Cousins, the Terminator, Zika virus, and eating cicadas have in common???  Find out on this spine tingling episode of HOA Talk Time!  This week Tab and Z bring into the HOA Talk Time Fish Bowl - Ron Gaskill owner of Mosquito Joe.  Also get insight on an old high school buddy of Z's who had an interesting run-in with the famous cicada bug that shows up every 17 years...lunch will never be the same!


For more information about getting mosquito treatment in your area, go to: or call 1-855-275-2563.

For the Mid-Atlantic region go to:  or call 202-750-5730

 Mosquito Joe..Outside is Fun Again!

Mar 23, 2016

Tab and Z give a re-cap of the past week's events.  HOA inspections are not the only thing that represents all things bad in this world...getting your car towed is probably the worst!  This week's episode features general manager Brian Sherman of G & G Towing Company out of Rockville Maryland.  Find out how new towing regulations are impacting HOAs....more importantly how Z got his revenge on a towing company when he got towed!

For more information about G & G Towing go to  

G&G Towing  301-762-6023  421 Dover Road, Rockville, MD 20850




Mar 16, 2016

In this episode, hear about how Tab and Z infiltrate the CAI 2016 Annual Expo in Washington DC. Find out how Z shamelessly wears his HOA Talk Time shirt to promote the show and gather enough exhibit swag to sink a boat.  Also, a riveting interview with the founder and owner of Chicken Armor!  Yeah, your heard it right...chickens need protection too!

Chicken Armor founded and owned by Jill Bong.  For more information on her awesome product and her books she authored, go to:

Chicken Armor (

Author site: includes books "How to Keep Backyard Chickens" and "The Best Backyard Chicken Breeds" (

Mar 9, 2016

This is March Madness..HOA Style!  Tab and Z discuss their plans for crashing the annual CAI Expo 2016 and how Z plans to avoid getting thrown out of the event.  Also special guest officer Brittany from the Montgomery County Maryland Police Department discusses her take on what really goes through the mind of a cop when they see a "suspicious" character walking around the neighborhood in an lime green vest! 

Mar 2, 2016

Tab and Z's next guest shows that they roll deep!  This epic episode features standout former college and international professional basketball star...not to mention friend/former colleague- Cleveland Jackson.  Find out how he went from the hardwood around the world to the financial world of retirement and investment planning. 

For more information on your financial planning needs, contact Cleveland Jackson at 703-201-3410.  Online:  email:


Feb 24, 2016

Do you have a crocodile stuck in your HOA community owned pond?   Well apparently some people have had that problem!  This week's guest features Bob Gourley, a board president for his HOA in Westhaven Connecticut, a card carrying member of CAI, and the founder of a unique blog dedicated to HOA's and Condo Associations questions for the common folk, Ask Mr. Condo. 

To find out more about Ask Mr. Condo, go to Feel free to tell them Tab and Z sent you! 

Feb 17, 2016

Is the groundhog weather predictor myth real or a bunch of "hogwash"?!  This controversial topic is tackled in this episode by your's truly Tab and Z.  You may or may not have heard of the leading groundhogs in the country - General Beau Lee, Staten Island Chuck, and Punxsutawney Phil...sounds like a cross between the Dukes of Hazzard and The Jersey Shore!  Well, HOA Talk Time has their own groundhog weather predictor which will give those other groundhogs a run for their money!  

Feb 10, 2016

Not all HOA board members are that bad..right? That is exactly how Tab and Z feel about this guest! This episode features special guest Chris Bullock, president of Simmons Acres HOA in Accoceek, Maryland.  For the first time the "bullseye" is now on the dreaded HOA board member...see if Mr. Bullock fits the mold of a typical board member or did Tab and Z just find a potential regular to join the show?!? 

Feb 3, 2016

You've heard of Shark Tank...Well, HOA Talk Time have their own version of the hit show....The Fish Bowl!  Who needs Mark Cuban and Mr. Wonderful when you got Tab and Z!  This episode features Fish Bowl guest Sean Murphy- CEO and owner of SuperHandy.  Mr. Murphy is a Big-thinking electrician that wants to be the Uber of home services.  

For more information, check out his app and services at

Jan 28, 2016

David vs. Goliath is the theme of this episode.  Tab decides to go on a rant of his own.  However, who really is David and who is Goliath in the grand scheme of things?  Take a listen and you decide!

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