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HOA Talk Time is a lively, entertaining yet informative show centered around the strange happenings of the most dreaded aspects of living in an HOA. The hosts of the show Tab and Z, bring a unique perspective as entrepreneurs who dumped their mainstream jobs to start an HOA inspection company. This provides listeners exclusive insight into all aspects of the crazy world of HOAs. Show features include interviews with industry professionals, homeowner rants, and encounters from the day-in-the-life of an HOA inspector. Also, the show includes guests from all walks of life ranging from local business owners to NBA All Star.
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HOA Talk Time is a lively, entertaining yet informative show centered around the unique happenings and the most interesting aspects of living in an HOA. 

The hosts of the show Tab and Z, bring a unique perspective as entrepreneurs who dumped their mainstream jobs to start an HOA inspection company. This provides listeners exclusive insight into all aspects of the world of HOAs. 

Show features include interviews with industry professionals, insightful answers to homeowner HOA concerns, and encounters from the day-in-the-life of an HOA inspector.  Also, the show includes guests from other industries including entrepreneurs and small business owners who made life-changing decisions to pursue their unique passions.  


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Nov 11, 2016

This is the post election episode!  Tab and Z have a round table discussion with none other than Bob Gourley aka Ask Mister Condo himself.  Political signage, holiday lights, flags...things that clutter a community or are untouchable as a law abiding citizen?! 

For more information about Bob Gourley, go to:



Nov 4, 2016

In this episode Tab and Z discuss the interesting happenings at an HOA board meeting.  Also, Z chimes in on his thoughts about the infamous "lunch and learn"...a common practice among property management you really learn or is it all about the lunch?!

This week Bob Gourley a.ka. Ask Mister Condo is back.  The guys have Bob weigh in on a listener call-in segment from a renowned home improvement program, At Home with Gary Sullivan.  Tab and Z need to be on that show...somebody set that up please!

For more information on Bob Gourley, check out  

Oct 26, 2016

This is the 50th episode of HOA Talk Time..and in true HOA Talk Time fashion for this milestone episode, our featured guest is a basketball legend....6 time NBA All Star, former NBA Rookie of the Year, 2008 NBA Hall of Fame inductee, the one and only Adrian Dantley!  Yeah, we are an HOA talk show but who cares...we just interviewed Adrian Dantley folks!  

Also featured is our true friend to the show Bob Gourley a.k.a Ask Mister Condo. Tab and Z recap with Bob how the one time show guest morphed into a regular segment on the show!

For more information on Bob Gourley, go to: 

 Adrian Dantley is a legend...just Google him...enough said!

Oct 19, 2016

In this episode Tab and Z discuss the behind the scenes of HOA politics....never a dull moment!  

This week, Johnathan Friedrich of HOA Corruption re-joins the show for an update on not only his HOA battle but of his bid for a senate seat of District 3 in his home state of Nevada. Tune in as Johnathan also tells us about a story that is something straight out of an episode of Law and Order!  This is a must listen! 

If you want to donate to the Johnathan Friedrich campaign for Senate District 3 in Nevada, please go to: Thanks! 

You can also check him out at

Oct 13, 2016

In this episode, Tab and Z discuss the age old people even read when they are mailed something?!

This week, the Fish Bowl is back with a truly unique guest, Chuck McCarthy.  He is an actor out of Los Angeles, California.  He was recently in a promo for the film Pete's Dragon and is looking for a breakout role.  However, his real calling may be that of one of the most innovative business ideas we have heard of....people walking!  Find out about his business called The People Walker...could be the next big thing!

For more information about Chuck McCarthy and The People Walker, go to:

If your're an agent and are looking to book a gig for his publicist! 

Oct 5, 2016

In this episode, guest Bob Gourley of Ask Mister Condo discusses a crazy situation where a condo unit owner changed the locks on her unit..only to have the board change the locks back because it was not a lock that they had the master key to! 

The other featured guest is Kip Howlett of Hardwood Plywood & Veneer Association.  Kip gives the listeners an inside look at this very interesting association and insight on the what a tree can really do for you!  

For more information on Hardwood Plywood & Veneer Association, go to:    Don't forget to check out and post your question to the man himself!  

Sep 29, 2016

In this episode Z goes over the similarities he is sees with home inspections of a new home purchase and HOA inspections....more importantly Z has a new technique to end all the nonsense homeowner responses and stop them in their tracks!  **side note Tab's computer crashed so as usual Tab's tech trauma continues and you get to hear his audio in glorious NON-high definition!

 This week Bob Gourley a.k.a Ask Mister Condo discusses a condo landlord vs. renter tit-for-tat situation....what would you do?!

For more information on Ask Mister Condo, go to  

Sep 22, 2016

In this episode, Z uses his expert analysis and first hand experience on some of the home improvement products seen on the hit show Shark Tank.  Apparently it's not all what it's cracked up to be.  

This week's guest features Alex Bergeron of Cap Management based out of Denver Colorado.  They are an HOA management company serving HOA's throughout Colorado's Front Range. They also have a blog about HOA issues, where Tab read an interesting article on the naming of HOA communities....does the name make a difference?!

Finally, this week's Ask Mister Condo features a mind blowing topic of a person in a condo association (who doesn't even own or rent in the community but is a live-in) who is not only suing the condo association....this guy wants to serve on their board!  Talk about if you can't beat em join em!  

For more information on CAP Management you can contact Alex Bergeron at: 303-832-2971 ext. 102 or go to:   Also check out their blog at:

Looking to sue your HOA and join their board as well, you may need to contact Bob Gourley first to point you in the right direction!  


Sep 14, 2016

In this episode, Tab discusses an HOA inspection revelation that could shake up the inspection industry...all while going to a Burger King!  

This week's guest features Chris Hild, co-owner of Realty FC based out of Stephens City, Virginia.  Not only are they a premiere real estate brokerage, but Chris happens to be a former soccer teammate of Z's...yes Z has some soccer skills!

Find out more as they discuss HOA issues from the real estate agent/broker side of things!  Finally Chris reveals one the most interesting and (quite disturbing) stories of a real estate deal that left both Tab and Z in awe!

For more information about Realty FC, go to  They are taking care of Z and can take care of you as well! 

Sep 7, 2016

There's nothing better than a good ole' HOA Sound Off to bring you over the week's hump!  In this week's sound off, Tab and Z discuss all the various excuses people make for not taking care of their homes....the worst offender being the infamous rental property owner!

This week also features a very interesting topic from guest Bob Gourley of Ask Mister Condo.  What do you do when a condo unit owner decides to build another floor in their condo and now the insurance company wants to raise the premium for ALL the condo unit owners?  Tear it down perhaps!?

For more info on Bob Gourley, be sure to go to



Aug 31, 2016

This week Tab comes through in the clutch and goes on an inspection out in the field...well a re-sale inspection but hey, it's still involves walking!  The guys also break down why HOA inspections should be left to the professionals!  

Also this week, Bob Gourley a.k.a. Ask Mister Condo discusses the issue of posting HOA board meeting minutes on a board member's own web this something that should be allowed or is this a law suit waiting to happen!

Don't forget ask Bob Gourley better known as Ask Mister Condo at   He's famous! 

Aug 24, 2016

In this episode, Tab discusses his adventure into the "cutting-the-cord" phenomenon. Will he succeed in receiving free TV programming or go back to being a slave to the man!?  

This week features a new segment - HOA Talk Time Round Table Discussion.  Featured round table guest is none other than Bob Gourley of Ask Mister Condo.  This week's round table discussion focuses on whether there should be mandatory education for prospective purchasers into a common ownership community.  

For more information on Bob Gourley and Ask Mister Condo, go to:  

Aug 17, 2016

In this episode Tab and Z talk to Bruce Grebin, an insurance agent out of Scottsdale Arizona who works for a company with one of the most recognizable jingles in the business, Farmers Insurance.  Get some insight on insurance related to master association policies and the like.

The second segment features a one-of-a-kind guest...Tom Gasko-museum curator of The Vacuum Cleaner Museum in St. James, Missouri.  Listen as he takes you through the magical history of vacuum's not just used for cleaning up your mess!

For more information on Bruce Grebin and you are in need of insurance in the Arizona area, contact him at: or

If you just happen to be in the St. James Missouri area, please make sure to make a stop at The Vacuum Cleaner Museum.  For more information contact Tom Gasko at 866-444-9004 or go to and schedule your kid's next birthday there!

Aug 10, 2016

In this episode Tab discusses his views that air rifle just like bowling should not be an Olympic Sport...HOA inspections should be though!  This week's special guest is HOA Whistleblower Johnathan Friedrich.  He is knee deep in a lawsuit AGAINST his HOA and not only exposing his HOA for their supposed corruption, but is winning the battle so far.  

Also the show features Bob Gourley aka. Ask Mister Condo.  This week the guys discuss a condo association taking things to the next level...banning a unit owner's finance from stepping on the premises.  Hope this guy has teleportation available!

For more information on Johnathan Friedrich, go to  or email him at  He is always willing to chat!

Bob Gourley can be found on  Bob bowls and is good at it!


Aug 3, 2016

In this episode, Tab and Z discuss where they come up with the unique guests that come on the show...does Tab reveal HOA Talk Time's Secret Sauce to getting guests?! Bob Gourley of Ask Mister Condo is back this week to discuss the over zealous HOA board member...never heard that before!  

Finally, this week's Fish Bowl guest features Ethan Lowry of Crowd Cow based out of Seattle Washington.  They take buying beef online to a new level!

For more information on Crowd Cow, go to  Make sure to follow them on Facebook also at:

Don't forget to also go to  Bob knows beef!  

Jul 27, 2016

Why is it so difficult to simply clean off green stuff or install a screen?!  This is the burning question Tab and Z address as they go off on more homeowners who just don't "get it"!  

Special guest this week in the HOA Talk Time Fish Bowl is Rickey Lamont Garnes...a former homeless man who takes pan handling to a new level.  Ricky even has a name for his pan handling style...Curb Patrol.  Rickey is a local celebrity in the Rockville Maryland area who was also featured a few years ago on DC 101's Elliot in the Morning Show.  Also find out what his hidden talent is as well!

Like to find out more about Rickey's story, friend him on Facebook  Tell him HOA Talk Time sent you! 

Jul 20, 2016

In this episode Tab and Z offer their condolences to the no show of last week's segment...that's because unfortunately that guest passed away right before the show was being recorded.  However, this week, someone who did show up..out of all places Hanoi Vietnam-James Kendall.  He is a middle America English teacher who has embarked on a mission in Hanoi that is hard to believe!  

Bob Gourley of Ask Mister Condo is also back this week to discuss the hot topic of video surveillance cameras on homes...good idea or a peeping tom lawsuit waiting to happen?!

Follow the adventures of James Kendall by going to his Facebook page:

Go to and ask Bob about your own condo adventures!



Jul 13, 2016

This is a special face-to-face showdown episode where the underdog - author and homeowner rights advocate Shelly Marshall of takes on the tyranny known as Community Associations Institute (CAI) and their VP of Communications and Marketing - Frank Rathbun.  Find out who wins this epic battle of the common man vs. the industry will be in for a surprise!  

Find out more about your Homeowner Rights Advocate and Warrior Shelly Marshall at  

To find out more about CAI....Google it 

***We just found today Friday July 15, 2016 that Frank Rathbun had passed away recently.  From all of us at HOA Talk Time and CIS HOA Experts, we offer the family of Frank Rathbun our sincere condolences.  

Jul 7, 2016

It's time for HOA Sound Off again!  This time Tab and Z sound off guessed it..HOA board members. Are they really that incompetent and clueless?  Also a blast from  the past guest, Chad Logan- the professional poop picker upper from San Diego California discusses his "No Poo Left Behind Tour".  Finally Bob Gourley of Ask Mister Condo is also not immune to wacky stories as well...this one is a doozy!


Go to and find out more about the No Poo Left Behind Tour.  Also be sure to donate and make a pledge to Support Rescue Dogs as well.  

Make sure to check out and tell Bob Gourley you like him too! 

Jun 28, 2016

In this episode, Tab and Z hold the HOA board members and homeowners to the the Game of Thrones HOA Talk Time - Walk of Atonement!  Not much more can be said other than "Shame....shame!"   Featured guest include Lauren Peddinghaus, CEO and co-founder of CondoGrade out of Chicago Illinois.  Also show features Bob Gourley of Ask Mister Condo.   If you had a deck on your condo home, would you immediately think...oooh look, it can double as a car port?!

For more information on CondGrade, go to:   

Ask Mister Condo has already atoned for his sins..just ask Mrs. Condo!

Jun 22, 2016

In this episode, Tab discusses his power washing ordeal on his own home which didn't exactly go according to plan.  Featured guest this week is Doug Marcks of Geese Police...that's right Geese Police!  No one is above the law..even geese!  Also listen to Bob Gourley of Ask Mister Condo as he tackles the issue of a condo sale coming to a screeching halt....because of a technicality!  

For more information about Geese Police in your area, go to:

Doug Marcks - Geese Police DC Precinct:

Bob Gourley can be found on  

Jun 15, 2016

We all agree that dealing with HOA's, property managers, and irate homeowners can take it's toll on anyone...that is why Tab and Z need some therapy and brought in a professional to help them! Esther Boykin is a licensed marriage and family therapist with Group Therapy Associates out of Haymarket, VA.  She is also an author and host of her own podcast "With That Being Said"  

Show also features Bob Gourley of Ask Mister Condo who tackles a parking ticket fine you have the right to dispute it or do you just "Pass Go" and go "Straight to Jail"?!

Find out more about Esther Boykin MFT at:  You can also download and listen to her podcast at:  

Don't forget to check out parking ticket guru Bob Gourley at  

Jun 8, 2016

In this episode, Tab goes on his own soap box about his ordeal with the dreaded cell phone upgrade.  Show guest features Robert C. Smith, former cop, president and founder of Nightclub Security Consultants based out of San Diego California.  They are providing training on how to diffuse, handle, and prevent all types of crazy situations in the bar/nightclub scene...Tab and Z need to harness this power to the HOA scene as well!

Weekly guest Bob Gourley of Ask Mister Condo gives his take on a situation that Tab and Z needed answers's purely hypothetical though...maybe!

For more information on Robert C. Smith and Nightclub Security Consultants go to: 

Be sure to like them on 
Also check out their podcast with host Manny Marquez at:


As always, ask mister condo anything at  Got questions, he got answers!


Jun 1, 2016

In this episode Z discusses his pursuit to defy Comcast Cable and officially "cut the cord" even at the expense of ruining his back!  This week's guest features Dana Brewington, owner of Do-Rites Premium Dog heard it correctly...Dog Diapers!  The show also features Bob Gourley of Ask Mister Condo...diapers for him are optional!

For more information on Do-Rites Premium Disposable Dog Diapers,
go to:  Also email them at:

Don't for get to Ask Mister Condo anything at



May 25, 2016

In this episode, Tab discusses his one on one meeting with none other than James Brown - sportscaster for The NFL Today on CBS Sports and Thursday Night Football on CBS Sports and the NFL Network!  The guys also recap a heated exchange between a recipient of our "junk mail" and how he is going to be handled!  Also featured is the regular segment of Ask Mister Condo.  

For more information on James Brown
go to

To Ask Mister Condo a question, go to  Got questions, he got answers...usually!  

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