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HOA Talk Time is a lively, entertaining yet informative show centered around the strange happenings of the most dreaded aspects of living in an HOA. The hosts of the show Tab and Z, bring a unique perspective as entrepreneurs who dumped their mainstream jobs to start an HOA inspection company. This provides listeners exclusive insight into all aspects of the crazy world of HOAs. Show features include interviews with industry professionals, homeowner rants, and encounters from the day-in-the-life of an HOA inspector. Also, the show includes guests from all walks of life ranging from local business owners to NBA All Star.
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HOA Talk Time is a lively, entertaining yet informative show centered around the unique happenings and the most interesting aspects of living in an HOA. 

The hosts of the show Tab and Z, bring a unique perspective as entrepreneurs who dumped their mainstream jobs to start an HOA inspection company. This provides listeners exclusive insight into all aspects of the world of HOAs. 

Show features include interviews with industry professionals, insightful answers to homeowner HOA concerns, and encounters from the day-in-the-life of an HOA inspector.  Also, the show includes guests from other industries including entrepreneurs and small business owners who made life-changing decisions to pursue their unique passions.  


Want to be on the show?  We are looking for topic submissions to be discussed on air or have an opportunity to have a one on one conversation with the hosts. Click on the link and if selected, one of our producers will contact you. Thanks and good luck!

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Paul Goldberg

The Builder Chicks


Mar 24, 2020

This is the pilot episode of HOA Talk Time as a Vidcast!  Find out how life in the new HOA Talk Time studio and office has impacted their lives...particularly Z and his continued parking woes.  This episode's guest is Jonathan Doro, Managing Director of Vinteum.  They are software company that works with HOA's, kinda like Tab and Z.  How do they stack up?

Find out more about Vinteum and their products at:



Sep 27, 2019

HOA Talk Time is back!  This episode Z discusses his dilemma about his home shutters.  Does he fall into the HOA violation trap yet again for an unauthorized modification to his home?  Or does he take things into his own hands?  Find out! 

Jun 25, 2019

First ever emergency podcast!  Live from New York City.  Z discusses New York City parking.  Not fun at all!  

Apr 30, 2019

The end is near for Game of Thrones...but not the end for Tab and Z.  Is society just too caught up in pop culture like Z or just plain do not care like Tab?!  

This week, Tab and Z interview a loyal listener of the show, Mitch Drimmer.  Find out more about his unique perspective on HOA's.  His intro song should really be the opening music of The Soprano's.  Find out why! 



Apr 15, 2019

In this episode, Z asks Tab THE most important question...has he ever been cited for an HOA violation?!  The answer is not surprising!

This week features an interview with The Builder Chicks.  Find out how two innovative and creative women, quit their day jobs to form a very successful custom furniture and home projects business.  

Check out The Builder Chicks interview on WJLA Channel 7

For more information about The Builder Chicks and their services, go to:

Mar 21, 2019

This week Tab and Z discuss the phenomenon known as the "nuisance neighbor"!  We all have dealt with one...however Tab takes his brand of justice to another level!  Z of course takes a modern approach.

Bob Gourley of Ask Mister Condo is back!  Hear about some of his nuisance issues he has seen over the years. 

Though Bob is physically in a new location, you can always track him down at 

Feb 22, 2019

The guys are back....again!  This episode features Andrew Fortin, Senior Vice President of External Affairs for Associa, one of the largest property management companies in the country.  Topics include the history of the HOA, when it began and where it is headed. 

Also featured in this episode is a contest to win a free book written by John Carona, CEO of Associa.  Make sure and submit your best photo of you the listener with a celebrity...see if you can out-do Z!  

For more information about Andrew Fortin, you can contact him at:


Find out more about John Carona on an episode of Undercover Boss at:


Oct 31, 2018

Tab and Z are finally back...again!  Z discusses his experience of attending a Redskins game and how that relates to HOA inspections?!

This episode features live segments of Oktoberfest, Winchester VA..hosted by Z's HOA.  Interviews include Jean Evans, a real estate agent who gives her perspective on things and Stacy Jackson, who co-hosted the event and is on the HOA events committee!


Looking to buy or sell a home in Virginia, give Jean "The Closer" Evans a call! 540-336-8274




Jul 19, 2018

After a several month hiatus, the guys are back!  Get a recap on what has transpired.  

Apr 9, 2018

This week Z goes solo for the show intro and discusses a topic that has been bothering him for a while...handicap parking spots!  What does that have anything to do with anything...find out!

This week's guest features acclaimed author Paul Goldberg. The former Washington DC reporter has put out a new book titled The Chateau.  This comedy fiction story centers around a corrupt condo association in Florida that mimics the current Trump America we live in today.  Hmm..sounds like a documentary!  This is a must read!

For more information about Paul Goldberg go to: Pick up your copy of The Chateau today.  Tell them Tab and Z sent you..maybe they will give you a discount!  

Mar 2, 2018

In this episode, Z is fighting sleep deprivation as he enjoys the fruits of being a dad again!  Can he even make it through this episode without falling asleep behind the mic?! 

This week's guest features Stan Hrincevich, president of the Colorado HOA Forum, the largest and most recognized HOA advocacy organization.  Let's just say, Stan is not exactly a fan of CAI...they don't really like him either!  Find out why! 

For more information on alternative information resource to CAI go to

Feb 2, 2018

This is the Super Bowl edition of HOA Talk Time where Z discusses his own personal Super Bowl...Super Bowl baby perhaps on the way! 

This week Tab and Z have a robust discussion about real estate agents.  What do they really do?  Also, they guys break down a recent phone call of an applicant to their inspection company who happens to be a real estate agent. Let's just say, maybe you should stick to your day job!

Jan 23, 2018

In this episode Tab brings up the crazy idea that there are parallels between the instant replay controversy in football and HOA inspections?!  The even crazier thing is that Z totally agrees!

This week features Tab going solo, interviewing past guest Bruce Grebin, insurance expert with Farmers Insurance out of Scottsdale Arizona.  Tab discusses the need to verify if contractors working on your home have Certificate of Insurance to protect you the Tab's case to make sure his compound doesn't get obliterated by improperly covered workers..oh the tragedy!

Find out more about Bruce Grebin and his services:

Bruce Grebin
Farmers Insurance  

6609 N Scottsdale Rd Ste 105


Scottsdale, AZ 85250-7801
480-598-1110 (Office)
480-422-7333 (Fax)


Dec 29, 2017

This is the end of the year episode. What better way to end the year than having Z get a violation notice!  Is it cosmic karma or just the way it is?!

This week Tab and Z have a listener of the show from Florida call in to discuss their own issues with their property manager/board member.  She has to deal with a property manager who not only instills fear into the neighbors of the community but even flicked her off when she asked him for help???!!! Come on people, what has this world come to!??! 

Thank you all for listening and hope you have a Happy New Year and see you all in 2018!  

Nov 28, 2017

In this episode, Tab and Z go over listener comments about the show.  Word of advice...if you are going to leave an email for the guys to respond, leave a legit one...they don't bite! 

This week features HOA Talk Time's new beat reporter Rickey.  He is a professional pan handler and former guest who will be asking questions to people out in the streets of Gaithersburg Maryland. 

Finally Bob Gourley of Ask Mister Condo is back for a segment about water usage in an HOA/Condo association.  Does a homeowner have a right to find out exactly how much water was used in a community when the HOA pays for the water?

Go to . Bob Gourley has you covered! 

Oct 27, 2017

In this episode, Tab and Z discuss an issue that is plaguing the nation...bullying.  But not the kind you might be thinking.  Listen to Z go off on what he coined "reverse bullying".  It's the HOA inspection company, property managers and HOA board members who are victims, not the homeowners.  Time to take a stand! 

Oct 9, 2017

This week, Tab and Z discuss Tab's recent call-in to the Gary Sullivan Show.  Not only did Tab get his questioned answered, he managed to plug his own business, stroke Gary's ego, and get a prize for being such a great caller!  Z needs to start listening as well!

Bob Gourley of Ask Mister Condo is back this week to discuss with all the hurricanes that are ravaging the US, do homeowners still need to pay their HOA/condo dues?  Is there any concessions made or is it just another storm homeowners have to face?!

Go to to get your condo questions answered!

Be like Tab and spend your entire weekend listening to Gary Sullivan at:

Sep 22, 2017

Who knew that running an HOA inspection company could take such a toll on one's body?!  With Tab in the concussion protocol and Z suffering from plantar fasciitis, maybe they need to have a nurse on staff at the office!

This week's episode features a listener guest call-in from Laguna Hills, California.  Don and Cynthia McMullin discuss their legal battle with their HOA.  Let's just say, the amount of money spent on litigation will make your head spin! 

To read the entire story of the McMullins, check out their blog at:

Sep 8, 2017

In this episode Z makes a scene at an outlet mall...he may need to get out more! 

This week features return guest Bruce Grebin of Farmers Insurance out of Scottsdale Arizona.  The guys have Bruce weigh in on the insurance side of the flooding that is going on with the recent hurricanes.  

If you want to help with the victims of the hurricanes, go to and donate today

Aug 25, 2017

In this episode Tab shows a different side of the ongoing love/hate relationship that lots of people have with HOA's.  His own HOA actually did something so great and positive, Z just might actually have to run for his own HOA board...look out world! 

This week's interview features Danielle Dojack of Century 21 Redwood Realty.  She is a woman of many talents.  Realtor, property manager, and full of interesting stories.  This week Tab and Z focus on rental property management.  Rental properties always seem to hold a special place in the heart of HOA Talk Time...they provide endless material for everyone to enjoy! Ask any rental property manager like Danielle...never a dull moment!

For more information on Danielle or if you are in the market to buy or sell a home in Virginia give her a call.  You won't regret it! Z said so! 

Danielle Dojack
Century 21 Redwood Realty/Associate Broker
Asset Property Managment, LLC/ Property Manager-Owner



Aug 11, 2017

In this episode Tab discusses how apparently all weather people on the news are totally wrong and have no clue what they are doing.  Furthermore, Tab supposedly can predict the weather and analyze weather patterns better than those who do this for a living...simply using his computer?! 

This week HOA Talk Time re-visits one of their favorite interviews with Cara Brookins.  She has been featured on a multitude of media outlets including the Today Show, TLC, CNN, Cosmo, Time, etc. She has a reality tv show in the works and a feature film...the list is endless!

 Find out about  the amazing story of a mother who with her 4 kids escaped a domestic violence situation and built a house to live in by themselves...watching YouTube videos!  Z coins it a true story of going from "Despair to Home Repair!"  

Jul 28, 2017

This episode is all about..dumb! 

  • Homeowners not using Google to answer simple questions...dumb!
  • Self-managed HOA's whom micro manages themselves...dumb!
  • A liquor board chairman getting pulled over for DUI...dumb!
  • Electing unqualified or unsavory people on an HOA board...definitely dumb!

Well at least having Bob Gourley of Ask Mister Condo to shed some light on the situation is never a dumb idea!

Go to: and get your not so dumb questions answered! 


Jul 14, 2017

This week Tab and Z discuss the upcoming Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Connor McGregor fight...what does that have anything to do with HOA'd be surprised!

Bob Gourley of Ask Mister Condo this week is broadcasting off the beautiful blue waters of Haiti.  Between his indulgence of the all-you-can-drink bar, the guys discuss how can one make joining an HOA board fun?  Steaks perhaps?!

For more information about Ask Mister Condo, go to  Even if he is on a cruise ship he will answer.....they apparently have a modem on board! 




Jun 30, 2017

It's great when things come full circle.  Such is the case with a previous guest!  Tab and Z discuss how justice prevailed on a previous guest's quest to fight the man...and save themselves from a $3.00 fine!  That's justice!

This week's guest features Justin Pierce, a real estate investor and agent out of Chantilly, Virginia.  He discusses an huge topic in today's real estate landscape of how it is getting harder and harder for millennials to buy homes.  Guess who the culprit is?!  

For more information on Justin Pierce contact him at 703-587-8929 or email him at

Jun 16, 2017

In this episode Tab and Z find a unique parallel between a recent statement from Lebron James and homeowner responses from people that live in HOA's.  Let's just say there is a lot of dumb floating around out there!

Bob Gourley of Ask Mister Condo is back!  This week Bob discusses the evolution of Ask Mister Condo as he takes his "show on the road"!  Could there be an Ask Mister Condo apparel line in the works?!

For more information on Ask Mister Condo, check out  Make sure to press Bob about getting a t-shirt!

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